Real Figures behind the Surge in Real Estate in America and the Middle East

Hussain Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Finance, setting him on the path to a long career in many fields of the economy. Sajwani first worked as a contract manager for GASCO, which is a branch of the reckoned Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. His experience saw him found his own DAMAC Properties where he served the CEO.



There was significant growth in the real estate and the property industry in the 1990s, with a large percentage of the market share in the Middle East coming under the direct control of Sajwani as the DAMAC owner. Hussain is not only experienced but also has extensive knowledge in finance, sales and administration.



Relationship with Donald Trump


One uniting factor between the two is that they are both real estate tycoons. The joined the real estate industry in the early 1980s, seeing them grow together in establishing properties in the Middle East and the United States, an example being the landmark buildings under the Trump Organization.



DAMAC Group and their Investments


DAMAC Group was established in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani. It is a leading firm in real estate development, both in the Middle East and the Dubai. DAMAC specializes in commercial buildings, residential properties, and leisure lodges. One of these investments is the one being developed through collaboration with the Trump Organization.



The other industries where DAMAC has had participated in include the food industry, being an area that Sajwani first made attempts to invest in back in 1991. Hussain back then supplied the military with food and supplements. The industry has been boosted by the development of the classy and state-of-the art restaurants and golf courses.



Hussain Sajwani’s Philanthropy


Sajwani has been a leading philanthropist in the Middle East and the Americas. Many lives have been impacted in both countries, through financial aids, scholarships, and employment. He has advocated for the disadvantaged, the displaced and the homeless, in areas where strife has led to much suffering.



DAMAC made great contributions to the United Emirates Compassion Group following the snowstorm in the Levant region. The money given by Sajwani was used to resettle the victims of the disaster and also to purchase food and drugs. The London School of Business and the UAE Red Crescent are some of the other institutions that have significantly benefited from the philanthropic life of Sajwani. Hussain Sajwani family must be surely proud of him

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