Desiree Perez Spearheads the Entertainment Industry

The music and entertainment sector is currently experiencing change and expansion. According to statistics, revenues for this industry were approximately $17.2 billion in the year 2016. The industry is very competitive and accommodates only hard working and determined individuals such as Desiree Perez. Desiree Perez has associated with famous people in the sector including Rihanna. Perez got credits for carrying out an important Samsung negotiation in the acquisition of $25 million to enhance an Anti tour organized by Rihanna. With Desiree’s aid, the Anti tour stood out with Rihanna being named among the A-list superstars in the entertainment sector. Since then, Desiree Perez became the most influential lady in Rihanna’s inner circle. According to Perez, the style icon and star performer will experience more prosperity with her help in the provision of business and financial instructions designed for achievements and more information click here.

Perez not only concentrates on stars but also her leadership role at Roc Nation. She serves as the organization’s chief operating officer. Since Roc Nation’s establishment in 2008, the company has evolved into the most famous entertainment firm globally. Under Perez’s guidance, Roc Nation works together with music producers, recording artists, and song writers. With Des Perez’s negotiation expertise, Roc Nation accommodates its clients with improved contract management for mutual benefit. Since the industry comprises of several other factors, Des Perez leads Roc Nation in solving issues detailing brand management, music promotions, tour production and music publishing for their artists and learn more about Des Perez.

Des Perez has a track record in the operations of SC Enterprise. She has a particular attribute including the ability to hold tough negotiations and a history that is unique. Desiree Perez has worked close to Jay Z for more than two decades. Additionally, Perez associates with other artists involved with Roc Nation in its departments which are labeling activities and publishing. Des Perez is an icon in the music and entertainment industry with intent to move the sector to greater heights.

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The Roberto Santiago Maniara Mall-The Life Changing Mall

Roberto Santiago is well known for his Roberto Santiago Maniara mall. He is considered an exceptional entrepreneur. The reason behind this praise is because of his basis of setting up his business. In his young age, Roberto Santiago, always had a dream of giving the people of Maniara area, a place where they could have all their special needs taken for under one roof, without having to travel to other towns to reach luxury facilities. The great businessman began shaping his entrepreneur life, by studying Business Administration, to add-on his knowledge in the quest of pursuing his dream.

The owner of the Roberto Santiago Maniara mall was initially popular due to his blogging career. Santiago acquired many followers through his catchy posts that he used to send in his blog. Santiago’s blogs were educative, informative and very interesting as well.

Roberto Santiago owns the mall in Mangiera that is one of the biggest malls in the area. Although the Mangiera mall is well equipped with all the facilities, the Ultimate investment of Santiago is the Roberto Santiago Maniara mall.

The Maniara mall is a center that has something for everyone. You will find a family in the mall enjoying a meal together, a group of friends enjoying a concert or even a couple enjoying a romantic dinner together. One of the objectives of Santiago was to ensure that he covered the luxury activities for all the age groups.

The mall is considered a small town because it has all the facilities that one would find in a city. The mall has approximately 280 buildings. Among this premises are schools, colleges, banks and other social amenities including healthcare facilities.

One of the favorite fun activities is watching concerts. This is because the customers have the liberty of choosing the movie that they want to watch in 3D.In addition to the liberty, there is the Domus mall that has a capacity of 8000.The hall is very well aerated and designed to ensure that it is conducive for all the clients.

If you need to create beautiful memories with your family, then Maniara mall got you covered as well. The mall has children facilities where the kids can play. As the children play, the parents can enjoy a romantic date together. There are countless places selling food in Maniara, and therefore the family can have all the fun.

Final Verdict

The Roberto Santiago investment was a special kind of investment because its main aim was not only to generate profit but to satisfy the needs of the people as well. The mall has increased the rate of development in that it has attracted other entrepreneurs. This has increased the employment opportunities as well as improving the living standards for the people.


Livio Bisterzo And His Leadership At Green Park Holdings

On a recent article published by PRNewswire, actor Leonardo Dicaprio and the Strand Equity Partners invested in HIPPEAS. HIPPEAS is among the fastest-growing companies that deal with natural snack food. A vegan company, HIPPEAS is popular for its organic chickpea puffs that come in six different flavors. They include Sriracha Sunrise, Far Out Fajita, Pepper Power, Happenin’ Hickory, Vegan White Cheddar and Maple Haze. According to Livio Bisterzo who is the Chief Executive Officer and also Co-founder of HIPPEAS, it was a great honor for Leonardo and the Strand Equity Partners to join the HIPPEAS Family.

Livio Bisterzo also stated that it is amazing to bring on board outstanding partners who share the same values and vision with the company as the brand of HIPPEAS continue to expand with a huge momentum in the markertplace. Livio further added that together with the HIPPEAS Family, they are happy to share this incredible journey with them. Leonardo Dicaprio is a popular actor in Hollywood and his investment in the vegan company is also expected to bring a lot of popularity to the brand.

Leonardo Dicaprio works at Green Park Holdings where he is the Chief Executive Officer and also the Co-founder. An Italian entrepreneur, Livio Bisterzo is based in Los Angeles. He relocated to the United Kingdom in 1999 when he was 18 years. Livio is a graduate of the London’s Prestigious University of Arts where he studied marketing. The 1st entrepreneurial venture of Livio Bisterzo was in 2003 when he started an events company. He has been able to build a business portfolio which ranges from consumer brands and hospitality to many other lifestyle businesses.

The brands and achievements of Livio has been quoted and featured in GQ, The Ft, The Times, Vanity Fair, Sunday Style, Harpers and Esquire among others. While at 27 years of age, Livio Bisterzo was nominated by the Evening Standard as one of the London’s 1000 Most Influential People. He partnered with a private label manufacturer based in Chicago, RNA Corporation, in coming up with a high-end grooming skincare line for men known as Kyoku for Men. The products are currently sold in over 26 countries across the world.

Celebreties are Embracing the Millenal Old Tradition of Kabbalah

Kabbalah has seen a surge in recent years and big name celebrities are a big part of the reason why. Madonna, Britteny Spears, Sandra Bernhard, and Paris Hilton have all made headlines for studying these ancient form of Jewish mysticism.

In particular, Madonna seems to be the most devoted of practitioners. She has stopped performing on Saturdays, attends services at the prestigious Kabbalah Centre in LA, and studies regularly with a rabbi from the Kabbalah Centre. She has said that she believes that we have a purpose in life and that she wants to spread the joy and love that is the study of Kabbalah. Since she has converted to Judaism and began studying Kabbalah, she has introduced some of her celebrity friends, such as Britney Spears to the Kabbalah Centre. Recently she was seen taking her son, Rocco, to prayer services as an attempt to help repair their relationship and learn more about Kabbalah Centre.

Madonna is not the only celebrity to have converted to Judaism or to start studying Kabbalah. Sandra Burnheart, who was raised in a conservative Jewish household starting studying Kabbalah at the Kabbalah Centre after she became famous. She started to return to her roots and found that studying Kabbalah and following its teachings helped her to reduce more than 80% of the chaos in her life.

Sammy Davis Jr. also converted to Judaism later in his life. While it is not known if he studied the Kabbalah, he did find faith and peace in some of the more mystical aspects of the religion and more information click here.

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angles was founded in the 1920’s by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. In 1965, a branch of the Kabbalah Center was opened in the United States in Los Angles. Rav Yehuda Ashlag wished to modernize the ancient wisdom that is found by studying the mystical Jewish teachings known as Kabbalah. While Kabbalah is traditionally only studied by Jewish men over the age of 40, he believed that many other people were capable of understanding and interpreting the ancient texts and using it to help improve their lives and the lives of the people around them and Kabbalah’s Website.

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