Securus Technologies- Keeping the Correction Facilities Safe

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas Texas and a company that deals with prison technology. We have the regional offices in Atlanta, Carrollton, Texas, Allen, and Georgia with more than 1,000 employees and we have contracts with around 2,600 correctional facilities all over the United States. Founded in 1986 we boost of serving millions of inmates in different correction facilities in Canada and United States. In July 2016, Securus technologies announced on investment around six hundred million in latest technologies, acquisitions, and patents for the next three years.


Securus Technologies Inc is known as the most significant providers of parolee tracking, government’s information’s management’s solutions and detainee communications. We serve around 45 states in United America, Canada, Mexico and District of Columbia and more than one million intimates. We are recognized leaders who provide innovative technical solutions, comprehensive intimates solutions, and responsive customer service. Securus Technologies Inc aim in offering specialized needs in law enforcement and correction communities.


Securus Chairman Richard A. Smith said that we invest in new services and products on a weekly basis to help the correction officials and law enforcement prevent and solve crimes. Our happy customers have praised the company. Using our latest technology they have arrested corrupted staff members. Another of our satisfied customer said that relying on our technology the correction facility has helped improve public safety within the facility. Our cellular device has supported a correction facility monitor calls with information on inmates drug selling and alcohol use and possible threats, money transfers and past involved crimes of different inmates.


Our investigating tools have allowed staff to conduct various investigations of potential security threats and complaints of harassments within the community and facility that is according to our happy customers. Additionally, our customer service helped law enforcement in middle of an urgent investigation to convert an alert feature to put a suspect in custody.



Ricardo Tosto is A Brazilian Lawyer Offering Insight in Restructuring and Credit Recovery

Brazil is known for having many lawyers. In 2010, the country ranked third in having the highest number of lawyers. Being a lawyer in Brazil is not the easiest task. It takes an individual approximately five years of studying in a university before seating for the bar exams. This is both strenuous and hectic given the numerous documented works an individual must go through. Even though an individual must face challenges in becoming a lawyer in this country, there are many schools that offer the course. The high number of institutions makes the learning process easy and enjoyable because there is no congestion and more information click here.


Lawyers In The Making

Definitely, not everyone wants to be a lawyer in Brazil. The population of those who aspire to be lawyers is however, higher compared to the population of those that want to pursue other careers. The high number of law schools is defined by the prospects. Brazil has more law schools compared to any other country in the world. Annually, there are 1,240 courses in law school that await graduation. This was in 2010, when the National Council made reports concerning the statistics linked to lawyers and law in Brazil. When looking at these statistics, the name Ricardo Tosto lingers in the books. He is a professional lawyer that hails from Brazil. Ricardo has shaped the legal system of this country in many aspects. He is not only determined to move Brazil to a different level of policy making, but also being part of the transition and what Ricardo Tosto knows.


Personal Profile

Ricardo Tosto understands the systems created by Brazilian legal platforms. He uses these systems to arrive at justice and give valid advice. Ricardo has vast experience in law and the related subjects. He attended Mackenzie School for law. He also went to business school for a course in business administration. Ricardo Tosto is a partner as well as an active founder of the famous Tosto e Barros Advogados. His disciplines are specialized in credit recovery, administrative law, acquisition review, organization restructuring and commercial law. Tosto is always available to offer legal advice on the stated subjects. His focus allows him to assist clients in many ways and his Website.

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