Osteo Relief Institute Providing Patients with Physical Therapy

The Osteo Relief Institute has the vital mission of providing patients with medical attention and physical therapy to help them ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis. The Osteo Relief Institute has many locations across the United States, but the largest one is in New Jersey.


Osteoarthritis is a severe problem as it is the most common kind of arthritis and it is also incurable (DialDish). There are however a few lifestyle changes a person could make in order to find some relief from the condition and make it easier for them to maintain a quality of life.


Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition. It affects the joints, as well as the tendons and muscles in the area. The condition also causes the joints to grow stiff, and it makes it painful to make some movements and other times it also makes the affected area swell up.


The Osteo Relief Institute has a large team of physicians and physical therapists that help patients achieve a new daily routine that keeps them active and easing their osteoarthritis symptoms (https://www.osteoreliefinstitute.com/blog/). There are several things that can impact the life of a person with osteoarthritis in a positive way. Staying active and doing gentle stretches and exercises is one of those things. Even though the stiffness is quite strong, it can make a person less stiff in the morning if they stretch before bed. Losing weight will also benefit people with osteoarthritis as it will heal relieve the bones and joints.


A nutritional diet will have a beneficial impact as well. It will help people be more resilient to colds and flu as getting sick makes osteoarthritis even more difficult. Staying warm and healthy is essential as both temperature drops and higher humidity influences the joints and makes the stiffness and the pain stronger.


The Osteo Relief Institute has the goal of helping people deal with osteoarthritis through physical therapy, attention and consultations with physicians, and by educating the patients about what they could change in their daily lives and routines that would impact them positively. The Osteo Relief Institute is not a substitute for surgical help if there is a need for such.


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The Progress of Glen Waken as an Entrepreneur.

Glen Wakeman is the current Chief Executive Officer of LaunchPad Holdings; a company he established in 2015. This company makes software that offers online business planning services for early-stage people in the business.

As a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and finance and a Master’s degree in Business Administration-Finance sector from the University of Scranton and the University of Chicago respectively, he commenced his journey of his career. To start this journey, he first worked at GE Capital. As he worked at GE Glen was recognized as the company’s role mole in growth leadership (SlideShare). Glen has founded other greats firms that are currently progressing on well. Among them includes the Nova Four Company.

As a professional, mentor to many people and also a businessman, Glen has transformed businesses with more than seventeen thousand staffs and over fifteen billion dollars asset value to be successful and developed businesses. To achieve that Glen has been consistent in his work which includes monitoring of start-up, new market entry, M&As, divestitures, exponential growth and many others. In addition to that, Glen uses his verified methodology of using five crucial areas. These include governance, execution, human capital, risk management, and leadership.

Via his blog and ability to write, Glen Wakeman has been involved in dispensing useful information about administration and management, fiscal matters, developing markets and strategy among many others. He has also helped many C-levels directors and nowadays he is assisting his mentees; the Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded.

To actualize a new idea, Glen Wakeman shares typically and expounds it to other people near him. By doing that, he plans his thoughts, and then he tries to get insight from them by brainstorming, looks for the appropriate steps, makes them a reality and also searches for methods of defending them. To distinguish a valid and lousy idea Glen shares typically it to other authoritative persons. As a result of his curiosity, Glen has managed to be progressive in productivity by giving him a platform to think innovatively and fulfill the client’s needs.


The War On Diabetes: Dr. Mark J. Holterman

During the first weeks of Septemeber, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) launched a joint partnership with the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). The duo announced that they were taking aim at type 2 diabetes and its impact on the youth (children and teenagers).


What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a collection of diseases that produce excess glucose in the blood.

What are the most common types of diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes: A condition affecting the body’s process of glucose.

Type 1 diabetes: A condition affecting the pancreas’s ability to produce insulin.

Prediabetes: A condition similar to but not as severe as type 2 diabetes

Gestational diabetes: This affects pregnant women suffering from high levels of glucose


Camp PowerUp Program

As a part of their campaign against diabetes, the ADA and the CHLA created Camp PowerUp for young people between 8 and 16. This would be the hub for physical activities and events located in schools, churches, and parks as well as day camps. They use edutainment (entertainment + education) to teach the attendees about strategies, nutrition, and current statistics.


Innovative Research Award

With approximately 5,000 supported research initiatives launched over a 60-year span, the ADA is on the forefront of dedicated warriors in the fight against diabetes (Interview.net). This year the ADA presented Dr. Mark Holterman with the innovative research award for his investment and accomplishments in the field of diabetes.


“I am excited about our new technology and how it can provide therapeutic platforms that can be used across a wide spectrum of diseases.” – Dr. Mark J. Holterman


Who is Mark J. Holterman?

Dr. Mark J. Holterman is interested in various aspects of medicine and therapy. From the benefits of stem cell therapy to fighting obesity and diabetes, he is an asset to the medical community. Dr. Mark J. Holterman began his collegiate career at the prestigious Yale University focusing on biology. He obtained both his Ph.D. and MD from the University of Virginia.


Dr. Mark Holterman is currently a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria where he teaches in the field of surgery and pediatrics. He is on staff at the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital as well as the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, St. Francis Medical center as a pediatric surgeon.


As we continue to combat diabetes the future looks bright with people like Dr. Holterman on the battlefield.

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Stream Supporting Women of Power: Stream Electric host Women of Power’s Annual Retreat

Stream Energy continues to support, motivate and inspire the female associates to build their own businesses through the Women of Power group. For the fourth year, beginning in 2010, Steam hosted the group’s annual retreat at their Dallas, Texas’s home office the weekend of November 4th 2017.


Cofounder of the group and Stream’s Chief Financial Officer Renée Hornbaker explained the retreats theme this year was “Shine.” Hornbaker describes the way that allowing one’s inner self to confidently shine inspires others.


The retreat featured inspirational speakers including best-selling author Nicole Lapin, business master Karen Leland and wellness consultant Melissa Mark Garner (https://www.puc.texas.gov/industry/electric/directories/rep/report_rep.aspx?ID=ELSQL01DB1245339200001). Workshops focused on cultivating skills confidence and developing guests’ business goals with topics ranging from being a boss, branding tips to mindfulness techniques.


Stream Energy’s Director of Events Chelsey Berend accredits thriving businesses to the events that associates engage in at the retreat. Berend explains that the “Shine” retreat is aimed at exploring a range of new and valued skills for Women of Power to utilize.


Stream Energy is an innovated leading direct selling company, providing connected life services to consumers in Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington D.C., New York, and Illinois. From clean energy, wireless services to water conservation products Stream Energy, founded in 2005 and based out of Dallas, Texas, has yielded over $8 billion in total revenue spanning 12 years.


As a leading provider of clean energy and a direct seller in the global energy market, Stream Energy, continues to aid the world in the fight against global warming. Not as mere providers of 100% clean energy source and global warrior in the battle to conserve natural resources; Stream is also a charitable company. Prioritizing clean energy as well as aiding victims of natural disasters through recovery work and donations Stream is working to rebuild after natural devastations of both Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.


Stream Energy is the largest growing direct sells company of services that work to fit the busy lives of modern connectivity while aiding the country through the struggles of natural disasters and the prevention of further destruction to the planet.


Jorge Moll Speaks about the Challenges of Entrepreneurs in Brazil and the Influence of Technology

Jorge Moll is regarded as the business excellence in the healthcare sector of Brazil for his inspirational leadership at Rede D Or São Luiz. As the founder and Chairman of the leading hospital network with more than 32 hospitals, test centers, research institutes, and more, he is an example of the modern-day entrepreneur as well as credited for turning the country into a world-class healthcare hotspot. He is a proponent of quality healthcare and technology innovation in treatments to derive efficient and long-lasting results to the patients.


Though he has made significant success in the Brazilian healthcare industry, Jorge Moll thinks that the people are suspecting the entrepreneurs in the country. He said that even good entrepreneurs in Brazil are seen as villains due to scandals reported with the names of some businessmen and their political nexus. Dr. Moll feels that it is a huge mistake, and that notion should be changed to encourage entrepreneurship in the country. He also added that if entrepreneurs planned to leave Brazil, it is no way going to help the country in its growth prospects. Additionally, Dr. Moll asked the political leadership to behave like entrepreneurs and think for the future of the country and its performance.

Apart from a leading healthcare entrepreneur, Dr. Moll is also a well-known cardiologist with decades of experience. He is increasingly aware of the technology developments, and how that could be utilized for the advancement of patient care (https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jorge_Moll_Filho). Dr. Moll says that though it initially became popular in Silicon Valley and surrounding areas, utilization of digital technology revolution in the healthcare sector is spreading across the globe. He thinks that it improves the patient-focused care, leaving other documentation jobs to technology, and ensure deeper medical evaluation and safety.


Dr. Moll further added that the latest trend is using smartphones and tablets for improving the patient care. Most of the hospital networks in Brazil are adopting the “smartphone way” and designed own applications to help the patients. These applications are helpful for the patients to book their appointment with the doctors, check their medical history, going through treatment notes of the physician, and more (Facebook).



Bob Reina: He Won’t Stop As There Is Work To Be Done

Bob Reina is not going to be slowing down anytime in the near future because he knows there is a lot to do with Talk Fusion. As a matter of fact, right now, he is on the lookout for the next big thing in terms of Talk Fusion. The company was created with the idea of connecting people and allowing them to interact with one another using video apps. It is also for people that want something new out of life. They are looking for more than the cards they have been dealt in life. They need more and quite frankly, they deserve more. There is nothing wrong with wanting that out of life. After all, life is short and it is best to live it in a way that is unique, one of a kind, and powerful.


Bob Reina knows all about that because one of his greatest qualities is he is a tremendous listener. If someone opens up to him, he is going to be there for them, and he is going to do all that he can to help. In many cases, they don’t even need to open up to him. He just overhears what they are going through and he takes it upon himself to step up and do something about it. So many people are silent in cases when they overhear a conversation about someone in pain or someone struggling. They just keep moving forward and they focus on themselves.


That is not how Bob Reina operates and it is not how he likes to live his life. He likes to live his life the right way, which is giving back. It is why he donated over a million dollars to the Tampa Bay Humane Society and it is why he has paid the vet bills for many people that are in tough situations with their income. This is Bob Reina’s way, along with Talk Fusion, of giving back.


He knows people have it in them, and he knows they can muster the strength to go after what they want by using Talk Fusion. He sees greatness in them. Learn more: http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/


Jeremy Goldstein Approach on Stock Options

In our recent years, many companies have ceased to provide their employees with the once famous stock options. They cite issues to do with saving their money but it is also evidently clear that the reasons they provide are a bit serious and most complex. Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced lawyer and is able to offer hos various reasons why he thinks that these firms did so to save money. He has a lot of expertise in the field and has been of great value to these firms which he thinks that they should not have taken that step.


In his reasoning, he cites that the value of the stocks may drop significantly in a way that would make it quite impossible for the employees to exercise the option. But he adds by saying that businesses are required to account for these options and also are required to report these associated expenses. He also says gives another reason and cites that employees are wary of these methods of compensations and knows very well how the economic downturns may affect them. He even goes ahead to comparing them to casino tokens. This is simple to say that the downturns of the economy make them insignificant. He also cites difficulties in the accounting and also cites a lot of cost implications in their business.


Jeremy Goldstein also goes further to explain some of the advantages related to these options. He simply says that these benefits provide valuable benefits to the employees and are far much better when comparing them to equities, wages and also insurance coverage. He also says that these stock options values rise with the increment in the company’s profits. This means that it should motivate company’s employees and thus make them more innovative and hard working. It has also helped them become more creative in the companies they work for.


Visit http://officialjeremygoldstein.com/ to learn more.

Paul Mampilly, a Financial Guru Dedicated to Offering Professional Look-outs in Stock Investments

Statistics have shown that more than one-third of the American population has invested their careers in stock investments. Because the majority is always targeting the obvious savings accounts with small interest rates, people are thinking out of the norm and seeking for alternative means. This is not an easy path either considering the risks that come with it. Many potential investors rarely have the slightest idea about the do’s and do not’s of the stock market.

Paul Mampilly is an established financial wizard who has directed his career to analyze stock investments. Mr. Mamphilly advises new investors to put their focus majorly on technology and innovative trends, something that puts them in a better spot to shine even in later days. According to him, he sees a future where people will let go of what was initially there and have alternative modern preferences. Similarly, investors in this ever-evolving world should learn to embrace more advanced methods of operation.

One significant prediction Mampilly is positive about is the precision of medicine. This incorporates the use of genetic testing to diagnose diseases including the ever disturbing cancer cases. With the patients’ genetic profiles, the trained physicians will be in a better position of understanding an individual’s specific DNA code. With this information, a physician can easily compare the DNA with the correspondent genetic information for comprehensive diagnosis. This is evidently a more working alternative than just guessing what would be suitable for that patient. With this in mind, Paul advocates for potential investors to buy stocks in the form of genetic testing companies.

Paul Mampilly, Background Information

Paul Mampilly is a distinguished alumnus of Fordham University where he earned an MBA, class of 1996. He is the currently working at Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor of Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum, two trading services and majorly his very own Profits Unlimited which is a guide his readers into worthwhile stocks. He joined the company in 2016 and currently runs a weekly segment, Winning Investors Daily, a newsletter in the same firm. Mr. Mampilly has specialized in the business regime and has dedicated his work to helping to help Americans realize the fortune that lies stock investments and technology.

Before his service at Banyan, he was at Stansberry Research LLC as an editor of Professional Speculator and at Kinetics Asset Management serving as the Managing Director. Paul was the founder of The Capuchin Group acting as its author, editor, and publisher for up to 3 years. With 25 years experience in the investment sector, Paul is quite an asset in the market and has worked extra hard ever since to ensure the growth of upcoming entrepreneurs, and learn more about Paul.

Adam Milstein Is A Successful Entrepreneur

Adam Milstein has the habit of being persistent. This has made him much more productive and helped him to become a successful entrepreneur. He believes that consistency in doing follow-ups is the key here.

Adam Milstein has never had a bad job. This is because he enjoys working! He is happy in all his decisions. Hence he does not want anything to change, and Adam on Facebook.

As an entrepreneur, he recommends that people must understand the issue themselves. Just relying on other people does not help here. It is important to become a part of the solution. This requires a thorough understanding of the problem in order to contemplate the issue in the right manner.

His strategy for growing his business involves not setting any kind of specific goals. These can be limiting. The aim should be to do the best at all times. He likes to work as hard as he possibly can. He listens to his own heart and not to the criticism of others. He is well aware that making money in real estate will take a few years, and blogs.timesofisrael.com/author/adam-milstein/.

He says that being an entrepreneur, a person should not hope to achieve success in a very short time. Also, it is not sensible to put everything into one venture in the hope that it will strike gold. This is because the way to succeed is long and not quick. While Adam Milstein was in school in Israel, he was selling art to temples. This was successful prompting him to buy a large amount of inventory. It did not turn out so well. He took a long time to sell it all, and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

He further says that in order to succeed in business, it is important to follow up with each contact, and every lead!

Adam Milstein gives the highest priority to his wife and kids, as he knows that family is the most important.

He is using Constant Contact software in order to manage his huge list of contacts. The book that he recommends to others is “And the Good News Is … “by Dana Perino. His thinking has been influenced by David Hager, his partner.