Jorge Moll Speaks about the Challenges of Entrepreneurs in Brazil and the Influence of Technology

Jorge Moll is regarded as the business excellence in the healthcare sector of Brazil for his inspirational leadership at Rede D Or São Luiz. As the founder and Chairman of the leading hospital network with more than 32 hospitals, test centers, research institutes, and more, he is an example of the modern-day entrepreneur as well as credited for turning the country into a world-class healthcare hotspot. He is a proponent of quality healthcare and technology innovation in treatments to derive efficient and long-lasting results to the patients.


Though he has made significant success in the Brazilian healthcare industry, Jorge Moll thinks that the people are suspecting the entrepreneurs in the country. He said that even good entrepreneurs in Brazil are seen as villains due to scandals reported with the names of some businessmen and their political nexus. Dr. Moll feels that it is a huge mistake, and that notion should be changed to encourage entrepreneurship in the country. He also added that if entrepreneurs planned to leave Brazil, it is no way going to help the country in its growth prospects. Additionally, Dr. Moll asked the political leadership to behave like entrepreneurs and think for the future of the country and its performance.

Apart from a leading healthcare entrepreneur, Dr. Moll is also a well-known cardiologist with decades of experience. He is increasingly aware of the technology developments, and how that could be utilized for the advancement of patient care ( Dr. Moll says that though it initially became popular in Silicon Valley and surrounding areas, utilization of digital technology revolution in the healthcare sector is spreading across the globe. He thinks that it improves the patient-focused care, leaving other documentation jobs to technology, and ensure deeper medical evaluation and safety.


Dr. Moll further added that the latest trend is using smartphones and tablets for improving the patient care. Most of the hospital networks in Brazil are adopting the “smartphone way” and designed own applications to help the patients. These applications are helpful for the patients to book their appointment with the doctors, check their medical history, going through treatment notes of the physician, and more (Facebook).