The Progress of Glen Waken as an Entrepreneur.

Glen Wakeman is the current Chief Executive Officer of LaunchPad Holdings; a company he established in 2015. This company makes software that offers online business planning services for early-stage people in the business.

As a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and finance and a Master’s degree in Business Administration-Finance sector from the University of Scranton and the University of Chicago respectively, he commenced his journey of his career. To start this journey, he first worked at GE Capital. As he worked at GE Glen was recognized as the company’s role mole in growth leadership (SlideShare). Glen has founded other greats firms that are currently progressing on well. Among them includes the Nova Four Company.

As a professional, mentor to many people and also a businessman, Glen has transformed businesses with more than seventeen thousand staffs and over fifteen billion dollars asset value to be successful and developed businesses. To achieve that Glen has been consistent in his work which includes monitoring of start-up, new market entry, M&As, divestitures, exponential growth and many others. In addition to that, Glen uses his verified methodology of using five crucial areas. These include governance, execution, human capital, risk management, and leadership.

Via his blog and ability to write, Glen Wakeman has been involved in dispensing useful information about administration and management, fiscal matters, developing markets and strategy among many others. He has also helped many C-levels directors and nowadays he is assisting his mentees; the Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded.

To actualize a new idea, Glen Wakeman shares typically and expounds it to other people near him. By doing that, he plans his thoughts, and then he tries to get insight from them by brainstorming, looks for the appropriate steps, makes them a reality and also searches for methods of defending them. To distinguish a valid and lousy idea Glen shares typically it to other authoritative persons. As a result of his curiosity, Glen has managed to be progressive in productivity by giving him a platform to think innovatively and fulfill the client’s needs.