The Success of the National Steel Car in Association with Gregory Aziz

The National Steel Car has a reputation for the quality production of the freight cars. The company was founded 100 years ago. The Current CEO of the firm, Greg Aziz, bought if from Dofasco two decades ago. The car has undergone significant changes to improve its quality and fit the customers’ needs over the years under Gregory Aziz.


James Aziz always wanted to make the Canadian Company the most prestigious company in the manufacturing of the railroad cars in North America. However, he had to be patient to accumulate the required funds to purchase the firm.


After acquiring his degree at the University of Western Ontario, where he majored in Economics, he decided to join Affiliated Foods, which is his family business. Gregory Aziz dedicated almost two decades of his life working in the firm. Affiliated Foods deals with the distribution of fresh foods. Thanks to the great strategies and informed decisions that Greg made for the company, it is now a global firm in the wholesale distribution of fresh foods.


This was not the dream of Greg Aziz, and therefore, despite the progress he was making with the Affiliated Food, he had to resign and follow his passion. He, therefore, moved to New York in search of banking opportunities. This was to lay the foundation for his acquisition of the National Steel Car.

In 1994, Greg Aziz finally made a milestone by buying the National Steel Company. To achieve his dream of making it the leading conglomerate in the production of freight cars a lot had to be done. Greg Aziz ensured that he utilized the capital and all the resources of the firm. Having majored in Economics, this didn’t pose a challenge to him. James Aziz also knew that the company was only going to achieve success if there was cooperation among the employees. He encouraged team building projects to enhance unity.


Five years later, Greg’s hard work finally began to manifest. The output of the freight cars increased to 12000 from the initial 3500 annually. The employees of the National Steel Car, then 600 could no longer cover the workload of the firm. The labor force was, therefore, reinforced by raising the number to 3000. View More Information Here.

Greg Aziz says that everything the National Steel Car has accomplished has been through hard work and teamwork. The other contributing factor attributed to their success is there co-values that they have made a culture to uphold at all times.