Jeremy Goldstein Approach on Stock Options

In our recent years, many companies have ceased to provide their employees with the once famous stock options. They cite issues to do with saving their money but it is also evidently clear that the reasons they provide are a bit serious and most complex. Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced lawyer and is able to offer hos various reasons why he thinks that these firms did so to save money. He has a lot of expertise in the field and has been of great value to these firms which he thinks that they should not have taken that step.


In his reasoning, he cites that the value of the stocks may drop significantly in a way that would make it quite impossible for the employees to exercise the option. But he adds by saying that businesses are required to account for these options and also are required to report these associated expenses. He also says gives another reason and cites that employees are wary of these methods of compensations and knows very well how the economic downturns may affect them. He even goes ahead to comparing them to casino tokens. This is simple to say that the downturns of the economy make them insignificant. He also cites difficulties in the accounting and also cites a lot of cost implications in their business.


Jeremy Goldstein also goes further to explain some of the advantages related to these options. He simply says that these benefits provide valuable benefits to the employees and are far much better when comparing them to equities, wages and also insurance coverage. He also says that these stock options values rise with the increment in the company’s profits. This means that it should motivate company’s employees and thus make them more innovative and hard working. It has also helped them become more creative in the companies they work for.


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