Fast Food On A Whole Different Level By Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is an entrepreneur and businessman born in America who is currently the Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen is a rapidly growing seasonal kitchen that focuses on locally sourced foods. A few years ago he talked at the Wharton Marketing Conference about the beginnings of Sweetgreen as well as the methods they’d utilized to grow it into a productive organization. Ru and his buddies thought it was difficult to find a location where they could get foods that were considered healthy and good for the body.In their senior year, they saw a niche market within the food service market and chose to open up a local store that supplied wholesome balanced meals. Ru said that they’d noticed a local bar scene in the center of the downtown area in Washington D. and wanted to open up the shop there.


Nathaniel Ru is a successive investment with pursuits in an array of investment decision solutions that stretch past the resort and food industry.


His very first forays in investment arrived in the year of 2007 whilst he joined with a couple of his fellow students to found a healthy salad bar focused on the well-being and healthy eating of their customers. The healthy salad bar was located near their college. and has amazingly converted into a respected healthy salad company with approximately 40 outlets providing signature high-end salads. Learn more:


This is definitely an American fast food restaurant that functions to provide straightforward, seasonal, and well-balanced meals to the customers who enjoy eating healthy. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru is the Ceo of Sweetgreen at this time and he’s kept this status for a while, and he has made lots of improvements and development in the Georgetown-based company. Within Nathaniel Ru’s management, the organization has grown its earnings substantially. Aside from his position in the healthy salad chain, Nathaniel has also committed to 4 other businesses. Nathaniel along with his two partners have been able to develop and maintain a nationwide salad chain widespread across the country.

One of the primary principles of the business that Nathaniel Ru is enthusiastic about is the sustainability of his foods. He states that every location should be very carefully chosen as the restaurants should be relatively near farms. Additionally, the company plan demands to be environmentally friendly, and because it is, it will be solving a problem that their potential customers have, specifically being capable of getting fast food that’s really wholesome for them instead of harmful meals that are usually provided at other fast food locations. Learn more:




The Fearlessness Of Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is doing an amazing job in the dating app industry and people are impressed with the progress that she is made. Many men and women are seeing this as a launch of a truly different dating app from a woman’s perspective.

That is what the Bumble app represents for women, and Whitney Wolfe will be the first to say that this is a feminist app.

She is a young woman and has a zest for social media, and it shows in the progress that she has made so far. She created the Bumble app and added a spicy level of excitement to this type of dating, but Bumble is much more than dating. Whitney Wolfe is working on concepts that allow people to it build friendships and network with others. She has certainly taken it up on herself to connect social media circles and guide what people are doing into an all in one dating app.

This is great because so many people have struggled with trying to actually maintain multiple social media accounts. Whitney Wolfe has done the research and she is aware that people are getting a little worn down trying to update their Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram. She believes that a single platform could be beneficial to many young millennials that are just trying to put everything in the social realm under one umbrella.

Whitney Wolfe is still under 30 and she connects to the millennial crowd in a very interesting wait. She represents one of the young millennials that is transitioning into another age bracket. She still has a connection with people that are ten years younger. This is because she is doing the research. She’s not afraid to get out there and ask the younger crowd what they are actually interested in.