Stream Supporting Women of Power: Stream Electric host Women of Power’s Annual Retreat

Stream Energy continues to support, motivate and inspire the female associates to build their own businesses through the Women of Power group. For the fourth year, beginning in 2010, Steam hosted the group’s annual retreat at their Dallas, Texas’s home office the weekend of November 4th 2017.


Cofounder of the group and Stream’s Chief Financial Officer Renée Hornbaker explained the retreats theme this year was “Shine.” Hornbaker describes the way that allowing one’s inner self to confidently shine inspires others.


The retreat featured inspirational speakers including best-selling author Nicole Lapin, business master Karen Leland and wellness consultant Melissa Mark Garner ( Workshops focused on cultivating skills confidence and developing guests’ business goals with topics ranging from being a boss, branding tips to mindfulness techniques.


Stream Energy’s Director of Events Chelsey Berend accredits thriving businesses to the events that associates engage in at the retreat. Berend explains that the “Shine” retreat is aimed at exploring a range of new and valued skills for Women of Power to utilize.


Stream Energy is an innovated leading direct selling company, providing connected life services to consumers in Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington D.C., New York, and Illinois. From clean energy, wireless services to water conservation products Stream Energy, founded in 2005 and based out of Dallas, Texas, has yielded over $8 billion in total revenue spanning 12 years.


As a leading provider of clean energy and a direct seller in the global energy market, Stream Energy, continues to aid the world in the fight against global warming. Not as mere providers of 100% clean energy source and global warrior in the battle to conserve natural resources; Stream is also a charitable company. Prioritizing clean energy as well as aiding victims of natural disasters through recovery work and donations Stream is working to rebuild after natural devastations of both Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.


Stream Energy is the largest growing direct sells company of services that work to fit the busy lives of modern connectivity while aiding the country through the struggles of natural disasters and the prevention of further destruction to the planet.