Managing your Wealth with Richard Blair

Most clients do not have an advisor even though they do have the passion and desire to grow their wealth. Wealth Solutions stands out as an assets and management firm that builds on its clients’ potential to manage, protect and growth their assets. Wealth Solutions has on board Richard Blair, a highly qualified and experienced expert in the finance industry. Some of his qualifications include a certified fund specialist, investment adviser representative, certified annuity specialist, retirement income certified professional and certified tax specialist, among others.


With the mindset of growing wealth, the Wealth Solutions follows through a financial planning process for each of their clients. As an experienced investment advisory firm, Wealth Solution comes up with a solid plan to help pursue the financial goals of all its clients as a first step. With this roadmap, the firm is able to realize actual goals by identifying strengths, growth opportunities and existing risk tolerance gaps.


Secondly, Wealth Solutions develops a long-term strategy. The strategy is ideally meant to meet the needs of each investment under every client. As such, the strategy is always tailored to capture the client’s investment goals and liquidity needs. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions plays an important role in coming up with the strategy, because he ensures all assets are invested only when the market is suitable and can maximize on the client’s portfolio.


Lastly, Wealth Solutions provides insurance policies for each client’s assets just in case the goals and strategies do not live up to the expected returns. The client also gets to receive annuities such as life insurance and long-term care.


Richard Blair is an expert in asset and wealth management. He provides his services to individuals, families and SMEs. Coming from an educational background, he learned to quench his quest for knowledge by studying and a constant discipline of reading relevant content. His wife, mother and grandmother were teachers hence the natural aptitude for knowledge.


Over the years, he has not only grown his confidence in his career line but also amasses a wealth of knowledge in asset management. Richard Blair has helped also consultants for other companies where he provides strategies to avoid common pitfalls. He is also well known for providing retirement income plans for his clients.


He started Wealth Solution back in 1994 and based it in Austin, Texas. Richard’s experience has helped him provide objective and unbiased expertise to clients without conflict of interest. He also has a bachelor’s degree in finance and financial management having graduated from the University of Houston in 1993.


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